my truth


You put up this front that youre a tough guy and you have women all figured out; but you have no idea. I think youre scared of getting hurt again, and thats why you alays have your guard up thats why you dont let anyone in, but at some point you have to let it down…

My response to her text:

What women want is simple…a gentleman. A man who can put his foot down when he has to, but at the same time is gentle. My guard has been down for a while…there’s no need keeping it up. Let me tell you this though…

…the same sweet guy that was before Katie is still there. I can feel him aching for love…aching for legit affection. Lately my biggest battle hasn’t been one with school, but with my heart. It wants to feel…
Pain or love, whatever but it wants to feel again. But once again, I need to finish my schooling, and with that there it will never allow me to fully focus on someone like the way i want to…like i said, i dont half ass things….I believe in passion and that’s  how I want to love my significant other. So yes that’s my problem…I have a conflict of interests
Theres nothing else to me than that…sweet little Edwin is there, he aches for love…but I cannot for I fear hurting someone else again like I hurt Katie when we broke up

I was born to help, not hurt…i was born to lift people, not bring them down like my dad did to me when i was a mere child. I shedded a tear just now…

I cant even hold a baby because i fear that I’ll hurt it somehow…

*I cannot give up my schooling because the reason why i broke up with Katie was because of it. I wanted to attend medical school and become a physician and if i don’t accomplish that our break up will have been in vain, it would have been for nothing but an illusion. And that i cannot allow to happen.* [this is what i haven’t shared to the rest of the world]


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