I am at a loss for words

Just finished reading tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. There’s moments in life that just take your breathe away, and reading that book was one of them. I dont know what to say about it for all i feel like saying is that i feel at peace right now. Nothing really matters but this moment right here. I am breathing, I am in good health, and the rain is really starting to pour right about now, literally. Its a breath of fresh air, one that i havent ever experienced before. I feel as I am no longer alone in this battle to revive our hope in humanity, for there are others who are trying to do the same. I dont have to wait until im done fighting my inner demons to start being that “spiritual warrior” i spoke of in my last blob of words. I can start now and step one is giving who ever im talking to my full 100 percent attention. We all speak of activities that will allow us to escape reality. Some like to attend raves, others like to play basketball, and then some just like smoking weed. Well Morrie allowed me to realize something and that is people should be our outlets in which we find escape. As people all we want is to be recognized and to be loved just as we were when we were toddlers. Morrie makes another great point, actually he makes plenty of eye-opening points, but this quote summarizes it all. He said “When were babies we depend on someone for survival. When we get old and you end up like me, well you also depend on someone for your survival. You want to know a secret? We also need to depend on others in between.” As us humans who are able to think, feel, and then reflect, we need people to accompany us along the way. He taught me to also let-go of moments for if you dont it just shows youre not fully living. It means youre half-awake/daydreaming and you try recalling those memories or moments because you regret not being fully engaged.

That book is beautiful, a true piece of art. 

“Love or perish.” 



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